Five Reasons to Convert Microfilm to Digital Format

Are you still relying on microfiche or microfilm in your hospital or clinic to store medical records? If yes, then it is just may be the right time to go digital. Make your data even more secure, easily accessible and advanced by investing in microfilm scanning and converting services. Earlier, microfilm was extremely popular because this type of data storage was quite cost effective and secure. At the same time, it saves trees by minimizing the use of papers. However, today you have a better option to save important records of your hospital, clinic or other business. The revolutionary method brings a lot of advantages over traditional microfilm especially for medical industry.


Safety and Security

Microfilm reels can be damaged and destroyed because of various environmental factors in addition to the typical effects of accidental and unforeseen disasters such as fire. If a microfilm reel is damage, it will be difficult to access details. There is no option of data back-up or recovery with this traditional method. In addition, these rolls can be stolen by someone for misuse and criminal activities. However, when you have all the records in digital format with strict access protocols and encryption, the risk of theft and damage is reduced.


It is really difficult to extract a particular record from the microfilm quickly. An individual cannot focus onto a particular record quickly. But when it comes to digital format, each and every record can be extracted within a few clicks of the mouse.

Easy Sharing

Microfilm reels cannot be shared between several members in a team at the same time. But digital computer files can be shared by authorized people with ease.


In order to read the information of microfilms, you need to buy dedicated equipment. Often it is expensive and tricky to repair microfilm readers. Eventually, such equipment will be out of production and hard to find.

Time Savings

It is difficult and time consuming to extract records if you are using microfilm reels. But, it is a simple matter of just a few seconds or less to get complete details of a record after the film has been converted to digital formats.

If you still have your data and important reports on microfilm reels, this is the time to start an Electronic Medical Records system. Convert all your records in digital computer files today. The best method to get customized solution is to contact to a reliable service provider who can convert microfilm reels into digital files in efficient manner.